The Place to Go for Sustainable Wholesale Nuts in Melbourne

Premium sustainable nuts for all tastes - hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts...

We grow them all on our own farmland in North East Victoria. They're farmed sustainably. They're harvested. And then they're either delivered right to your kitchen when you order wholesale nuts in Melbourne. Or they're turned into delicious premium-grade nut products by our in-house team of artisans:

Extra virgin nut oil, hazelnut butter - perfect for healthy snacks, nut flour and more. You can use us to source bulk and wholesale nut orders - ideal for restaurants and other commercial enterprises. Or you can buy individual artisan snacks and treats, ideal for the foodies among us.

Carboor Harvest is the largest grower of hazelnuts in Australia and the most trusted purveyor of wholesale nuts to Melbourne. An integrated agribusiness, we grow all the nuts we use in our products or buy them from local partner growers who we've worked with for years. You can use us to buy wholesale nuts online wherever you're based. We're just as used to selling to individuals as we are to restaurant owners and professional chefs.

The nuts you'll find in our nut shop in Melbourne

Homegrown in Australia, the nuts you'll find in our nut shop in Melbourne make a great alternative to meat-based sources of protein. We're actually pretty big fans of the occasional steak or lamb roast ourselves. But we also know that in the future, livestock farming is going to continue to use up water and other resources that could best be used elsewhere - not to mention it's huge carbon impact.

Plus, of course, nuts such as hazelnuts:

Are a great addition to paleo and vegan diets

Make fantastic sources of protein

Contain healthy fats which your body needs

You can buy from our nut shop in Melbourne or you can buy nuts online by navigating to the store pages right here on our website. If you have specific requirements or quantities in mind, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

All of our nuts come from non-GMO tree stock.

Why buy bulk nuts in Melbourne from us?

The Carboor Farms are located in North East Victoria, in the high country around Mount Buffalo. We only harvest nuts from our own land - land which we've been a part of for many years. We also have purchase agreements for entire crops with our local partner growers, each of whom we've worked with for a long time. There are over 410 acres of land near Mount Buffalo, dedicated to growing Carboor Harvest nuts. We currently have a planted area of over 12 500 hazelnut trees. And we're not stopping there.

The alternative, of course, is to buy nuts in bulk from abroad. But with the closest wholesale producer of nuts being in Turkey, more than 14 000 km away, that's a carbon footprint and some serious food miles which most of our environmentally-minded clients can't get on board with.

Buying bulk nuts in Melbourne is easy and sustainable, with Carboor Harvest. Just visit our online store.