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Australian Nuts - Grown, Harvested, Sustainable

Premium Australian nuts. Grown in the High Country of Victoria. Carboor Harvest is an integrated agribusiness. Not only do we sell great nuts, we also grow, farm and harvest them: All of the premium-grade nut products we create for our shop are made from the nuts we've grown ourselves. Or those grown on the farms of the other local growers who we've worked alongside for many years. That means whether you're picking up some fresh hazelnut butter to meet your foodie preferences at home, or you want to buy bulk nuts online for your restaurant - you're getting the same homegrown, sustainable product. And has-to-be-tried taste. Carboor Farms is where the growing magic happens. We're the largest grower of hazelnuts in Australia. In 410 acres of prime land around Mount Buffalo in North East Victoria, we farm and harvest more than 12 500 hazelnut trees. We're planning to start growing another 87 000 in the next few years. Sustainable, healthy and great for both your taste buds and the environment. Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts. In all honesty, it's been said. We're a little nuts about nuts...

The number one source of wholesale nuts in Australia

The huge size of our Carboor Farms land paired with the fact that we only work with local farmers makes us among the most trusted nut wholesalers in Australia. There's more than one reason that both our national and international customers come to us: Get your needs met - we can work with you to fulfil any size of order. If you have needs for specific quantities of wholesale nuts on a one-off or ongoing basis, talk to us. We'll see what we can do! Buy wholesale nuts online - whether you live in Australia or overseas, our handy online storefront and shipping options make it easy to get the kind of premium nut products we sell delivered to your door.

The nuts in our Australia nut shop - healthy and protein-rich

Nuts are a great source of the kind of protein levels you'd normally need to eat a steak to benefit from. Now, we enjoy a good steak or lamb roast as much as the next person. But we're also well aware that livestock farming is incredibly resource, water and carbon-heavy. We and future generations are going to need to come up with alternative ways to get the protein that we need. Nuts are going to play a big role in that. Not only are they rich in protein and healthy fats, they also require a whole lot fewer resources to grow. The nuts in our nut shop are: Suitable for vegan and paleo diets, Australian grown and processed, Entirely from non-GMO tree stock and Rich in healthy fats and protein.

Why buy bulk nuts from Australia?

Sustainability is one of the main driving forces behind why we do what we do. Part of this is about planting well and farming smart. But it's also about helping people who need to buy nuts in bulk reduce the food miles their produce travels. The closest source of hazelnuts outside of Australia is usually Turkey. That's nearly 14 000 km for your nuts to fly before they get onto your tables.The bulk nuts we sell are all grown either on our own land or on that of other local growers in North East Victoria. We trust these local farmers because we've worked with them for many years. We know they're as much about quality and sustainability as we are.