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About Us and Our Nut Shop

The Carboor Harvest brand is all about making great-tasting nut-based products. Whether you're a professional chef, committed to sustainably sourced goods, or simply a bit of a foodie, you'll find what you're looking for here. Premium extra virgin nut oils, nut butter and flour are just the start...

All of the products you'll find in our nut shop are created from our very own hazelnuts, harvested right here in North East Victoria. Or from the many other Australian growers with whom we have long-term purchase agreements.

As an integrated agribusiness we grow, harvest, manufacture and market premium hazelnut based products - to Australia and the world.  We have complete supply chain oversight and work extensively with our growers and on our own farms.

Carboor Farms is one of the largest Australian hazelnut growers with 11,000 hazelnut trees spread across 240 acres of prime land in the Ovens and King Valleys in North East Victoria.  We have an extensive planting program that will result in planting of a further 25,000 trees over the next few years taking tonnes of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere every year.

In addition to our own trees, Carboor Farms purchases and aggregates entire hazelnut crops from farms in north east Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales area under crop purchase agreements.

The place to come for wholesale nuts

Carboor Harvest was started in 2015, but it is growing to be the largest Australian hazelnut grower, processor and marketer. We have 240 acres of prime land near to Mount Buffalo filled with over 11 000 hazelnut trees. And we're planning on planting another 25,000 in the next few years. In addition to the premium-grade nut products we create and sell through our Carboor Harvest artisan nut shop, this also makes us one of the biggest and best sources of wholesale nuts on the continent.

We're where restaurants and all sorts of other commercial enterprises go when they're looking for nut wholesalers in Australia.

Sustainably sourced bulk nuts, premium products and more

Sustainability is, for us, all about growing locally, planting sensibly - and being a great alternative source of protein for a world which is sure to be needing to reduce the focus on livestock farming in years to come.

Plus, most people who buy bulk nuts from outside of Australia purchase them from Turkey. That's an awfully long way (over 14,000 km!) for those nuts to come. It's also going to be leaving a massive carbon footprint - something that's sure to leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth.

Carboor Farms lets you cut out all of that.

Our hazelnuts are from non-GMO tree stock, are vegan and paleo-diet friendly, and packed with healthy fats and protein.

What is our brand proposition?

Our brand, Carboor Harvest is an artisan food brand committed to utilizing our exceptional quality hazelnuts and producing the best possible nut products. We believe food should be nourishing, local (where possible) and work towards a more sustainable planet. 

Our range of premium kernel - both raw and roasted, extra virgin nut oils, nut butters are for the discerning chefs, the passionate foodies and all the health nuts out there.

Carboor Harvest
Why are Australian Nuts better?
Where do we start... Well, food miles is probably a good place. Many of the imported Australian nuts come from Turkey - a substantial 14,000kms of sea travel alone. We're guessing the carbon footprint would leave a bad taste in your mouth!
Taste. We'll let you make up your own mind on this one but when you taste our nut products we're sure you'll notice the difference. 

How is our product sustainable?

Don't get us wrong, we love a good steak or lamb roast but we believe the world is far too reliant on meat for its protein needs. The farming of livestock is an incredibly resource and carbon heavy activity and we believe change is needed to deliver a healthy planet to future generations. Nuts can offer much of the protein required for a healthy diet and with a little help from legumes, lentils and a little bit of meat, you're set!

Carboor Harvest

Our nuts are pretty great, here's a few good reasons..
  • Protein rich
  • Vegan and Paleo friendly
  • Our Hazelnuts are from Non GMO tree stock
  • Packed with healthy fats
  • Australian grown and processed