Product with a purpose

Do you want to eat food that aligns with your values? Do you believe in eating the best quality food available? Do you believe companies should pay fair wages, good environmental stewardship, low carbon footprint, sustainable business practices? Do you want to know the farmer who grows the product?

So, do Turkish hazelnuts tick these boxes? How do you know?

Ethical sourcing of nuts is a challenge for the global industry, and we are committed to transparency.

How do we have the best hazelnuts? We have current season nuts from good American varieties, cracked recently and packed immediately. Grown both at our farms and those of our partner grower partners around Australia, our cracking facility in Wangaratta means that our operations are near you as consumers.

We offer the best quality nuts in Australia through the shortest, most transparent supply chain possible. Our philosophy is to bring consumers close to farm gate, pay our contractors and suppliers a fair price, minimise our carbon and water footprints and finally to build a sustainable business to create jobs for your grandchildren. Overall, our philosophy is to leave the world better than we find it.

We guarantee you will have quality nuts unlike anything you have had before.  We can achieve this by packing the best quality nuts in small batches for just in time delivery in high quality packaging.

Bon appétit!