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Carboor Harvest: Working on cracking into the next level of business

CAMILLE SMITH, The Weekly Times May 2, 2018 12:00am   HAZELNUTS have cracking potential.   The Australian Nut Industry Council predicts growth in the Australian hazelnut industry will be enormous over the next three years, with the current 170-tonne annual national harvest set to rise to 2550 tonnes by 2021 as many young orchards come into production. Grower Ben Barrow plans to be a major part of this industry explosion. He is selling his, and other Victorian growers’ hazelnuts, under his Carboor Harvest brand, in a bid to fill a gap in the market for premium homegrown supply. Ben Barrow runs Carboor Harvest, with a new planting of 9000 trees. Picture: Zoe Phillips “About 70 per cent of the world’s...

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Australian hazelnuts focus on export options

Caboor Farms is a Victorian based hazelnut grower with a focus firmly on domestic and export growth. We're looking at expanding our market to fully realise the value of our hazelnut products," said Founder/CEO Ben Barrow. Recently Fresh Plaza caught up with Ben as he exhibited his products at Japan's FOODEX under the State of Victoria stand. "As a vertically integrated agribusiness we grow, harvest, manufacture and market premium hazelnut based products - to Australia and the world," he said. 

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Welcome to our new website!

Thank you for taking the time to have a nosey around our brand new website! It's a busy time for us here at Carboor Harvest, we're launching new products, hitting the Melbourne Farmer's Markets and of course, pressing 'go' on this new website!  We thought we'd give you a quick 101 on the Carboor set-up for anyone finding themselves on our site for the first time. Who are we? We are a small team of passionate foodies, three of us own the business - Ben, Maxine and Antony. We share the load in caring for the farm, producing the product and attending farmers markets. Maxine is certainly the masterchef though, we owe the delicious results in our products to her!  Where are we?...

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