A cracking opportunity for Wangaratta

A cracking opportunity for Wangaratta

Despite the local challenges of bushfires global challenges of coronavirus, Carboor Farms have recently commissioned a Borrell commercial hazelnut cracker at Wangaratta in Victoria.  This project was supported by the Victorian Government's Food Source Victoria fund.

With a cracking capacity of around 1 ton per hour, this machine is a game changer for the Australian hazelnut industry.  The cracking capacity will support the aggregation of production from Aussie farms to place nuts into a much broader market for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

The cracking machine is now commissioned and we are fitting out the food premises and will commence cracking the 2020 season.

Commissioning video is available at https://youtu.be/Cp8EHQ_SG0o.

For any inquiries, please contact Ben Barrow at ben.barrow@carboorfarms.com.au or mobile +61 (0)419 505 748.

 Placing the cracking machine

Bow elevator

Ben and Tom

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