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Wholesale and Industrial Sales

At Carboor Farms, we understand that when it comes to food production, efficiency and scalability are key. That's why we've invested in modern commercial hazelnut processing equipment that allows us to handle large orders with ease.

Our state-of-the-art equipment includes modern systems for cracking, cleaning, and sorting hazelnuts, ensuring that every order is handled quickly and efficiently. This means that no order is too large for us to handle, whether you're a small business looking for a small batch or a large company in need of a large quantity, we can meet your needs.

Our processing equipment includes extensive cracking and sorting machines with capacity of around 1 tonne per hour.

By investing in this equipment, we are able to process large quantities of hazelnuts quickly and efficiently, reducing turnaround time for orders and ensuring that our customers receive their products on time.

In addition, Our commitment to quality is reflected in our process, we make sure that each step of the process is done with care and precision, ensuring that the end product is of the highest quality. By using our modern commercial hazelnut processing equipment, we're able to provide our customers with delicious, high-quality products that are sustainably grown and ethically produced.

Product descriptions

Carboor Farms produces a range of bulk wholesale and industrial hazelnut products packed in 12kg cartons.  The company offers Barcelona and Ennis variety hazelnuts in both raw and roasted kernel.

We work with Melbourne wholesalers to undertake further processing in accordance with customer requirements.

Our full range of bulk hazelnut products with descriptions are available here.

Product specifications

To support customer product development, Carboor Farms has developed product specifications based on raw and roasted hazelnuts.

Barcelona – raw kernel product specification here.

Ennis – raw kernel product specification here.

Barcelona – roasted kernel product specification here.

Ennis – roasted kernel product specification here.

Wholesale and Industrial sales

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