Australian grown nuts are known for their superior quality, taste and sustainability. Here are a few reasons why:

Why are Australian nuts better? 

  • Food Miles: Many imported nuts come from faraway countries such as Turkey, requiring a significant amount of transportation and resulting in a larger carbon footprint. By choosing Australian grown nuts, you can reduce your environmental impact and support local farmers.

  • Taste: With a taste that speaks for itself, our nut products are carefully crafted using only the freshest, premium ingredients sourced directly from local farms. The unique terroir of Australia's nut-growing regions gives our products a distinctive, high-quality taste that is hard to find elsewhere.

How is our product sustainable?

  • Sustainable Agriculture: We strive to be an ethical and responsible business and we work closely with our farmers to ensure that our nuts are grown using sustainable practices. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture is not just about protecting the environment but also about maintaining the long-term viability of our farms and our industry.

  • Sustainable diets: We believe that a diet that is high in plant-based protein, like nuts, is a more sustainable and responsible way to meet your dietary needs. Animal agriculture, which is a primary source of protein for much of the world, requires a lot of resources, generates a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions, and contributes to deforestation. By consuming more nuts and other plant-based sources of protein, you can make a positive impact on the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Carbon sequestration: our hazelnut orchard act as carbon sink as well, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, so we are reducing the carbon footprint while producing high-quality hazelnuts

Overall, choosing Australian grown nuts is not only a delicious and convenient option but it also aligns with a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle. Carboor Harvest products provide a delicious and nutritious options for your diet and also a responsible choice for the environment.